Responsible tube made @Albéa: The perfect blend of eco-design & recycled content for less environmental impact


Albéa innovates relentlessly to offer packaging solutions that are safe and that have a lower environmental impact. The most advanced solution in responsible packaging combines the 3Rs: Recycled content, Recyclable-ready & Reduced weight.

Albéa's tube “PCR Max" is composed of the light eco-design looking SLIM cap in PE: This mono-material, recyclable-ready tube integrates the THINWALLTM technology for a reduced sleeve thickness of 350µ as well as the maximum level of Post-consumer recycled (PCR), reaching 57% PCR content in the tube without cap (38% in the whole tube) in Ø50 200ml.

Lecture is given in German and simultaneously interpreted into English.


Heike Amann-Grignon
Albea Germany GmbH