PROSPECTS & IMPULSE 2022 BEYOND Zeitgeist Keynotes | The World of Colours and Materials 2022/2023



We need to agree on a new, human measure for the future. It's about relevance, about what we really need. How do we create less but better? Hyper-individualisation is not enough as a measure of sustainable design. It is about a balance of change and permanence, of novelty and further development. It is about the sensible use of resources, not about consuming them.

What we do or don't do here and now has an impact on people on the other side of the globe - and in our possible future. To understand this, we need more empathy - for each other and for our environment. Such a sense of community needs to be activated and trained. Sharing and common benefit drive a zeitgeist that meets change with the energy of community.

"Share - look at all your things, think about what your friends might need or could benefit from, and share at least one thing a week. (from manifesto for the new materialism, thenewmaterialism.org)

Sustainability is not a trend, but a necessary foundation for all products and processes we want to develop and produce. We are redefining the principles for products and processes - from linear economy to circularity. Recycling and the cycles to be created are changing the way we deal with materials and our perception of their colours and surfaces.

We are beginning to embrace this paradigm shift and shape the profound change in which we live.

"The future's about giving back." Adidas Futurecraft Loop

PROSPECTS draw snapshots of the current zeitgeist. From these, IMPULSE 2022 BEYOND translate creative motifs for colour worlds and material concepts that further develop trends for the near future - and also inspire the product range of decorative cosmetics.

Welcome to the expansion of horizons! Think ahead with Niels Holger Wien and let his zeitgeist analyses and CB impulses inspire you to new approaches in design and fashion - for relevant developments and design of your cosmetic products and packaging.

Lecture is given in German and simultaneously interpreted into English.

The featured Trend and Colour Stories CB IMPULSE 2022 BEYOND is available for sale in our online ticket shop for the price of €35 until 31 Dec. 2021 at the latest.