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HDPE tube - blueloop™ tube HD - combining maximum recyclability, resource savings and residue emptiability
A Produkt of: Pirlo Tubes GmbH

The blueloop™ tube HD (laminate Huhtamaki) is available in three different material thicknesses: 220 µm, 250 µm and 300 µm. Savings in plastic compared to a 350 µm laminate tube are:

Wall thickness laminate tube   Wall thickness HDPE tube     Savings

350 µm                                     220 µm HD                             37%

350 µm                                     250 µm HD                             29%

350 µm                                     300 µm HD                             14%


The tube is distinguished by its enormous raw material savings and also approved by RecyClass for recycling in the HDPE bottle stream. It thus contributes to the conservation of resources, avoidance of waste and the best possible recycling.

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