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Norevo Waxes
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Cleaned, yellow beeswax (Cera flava) and bleached beeswax (Cera alba) are available in blocks and pastilles. Our focus lies on high-quality products for which we attach great importance to the issues of sustainability, transparency of the supply chain and ethics.

Carnauba wax
The vegetable wax from the carnauba palm is available in the form of flakes, as a powder and as pastilles. As a long-standing member of the “Initiative for Responsible Carnauba”, we want to improve the working conditions of farmers in the origin sustainably.

Candelilla wax
The wax from the leaves of the north Mexican candelilla bush is offered in pastilles and as a spray-dried powder. We only work with companies that adhere to a high social standard and comply with international rules.

Sumac wax
The soft sumac wax is obtained from the berries of the Asian lacquer tree Rhus succedanea and Rhus verniciflua. It is gently cleaned under the latest pharmaceutical standards and processed into pastilles.


Frau Annabell Becker
Product Manager Waxes Norevo GmbH


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