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Innovative Ampoule Box
A Produkt of: Lutz Packaging GmbH

The practical and elegant ampoule box with integrated ampoule breaker guarantees the optimal storage of ampoules and is the perfect companion for any trip.

The ampoule box ideally protects the precious ampoules from breakage and UV light in the case of sensitive textures. Whether in the cosmetics cabinet at home or in the beauty case when travelling, the box enables a sorted and above all safe storage of a total of 9 ampoules (8 + 1x spare ampoule). The special feature of the handy box in elegant design is the integrated ampoule breaker, which makes the use of ampoules much easier, especially when travelling. Other advantages of the innovative ampoule box are its light weight and handy size, so that it also fits wonderfully into any handbag. Of course, our customers also have the option of printing their logo on the box.

The box is available in 4 attractive colours.

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