INNOVATION CORNER at CosmeticBusiness

In the CosmeticBusiness INNOVATION CORNER, you can experience the full innovative power of the cosmetics supplying industry along with tomorrow's trends. Get inspired!


A newly published colour card will be available on-site as an inspiration tool for visualising trending topics. CB IMPULSE 2022 BEYOND translates impulses from today's zeitgeist into colours and materials and develops contemporary trends for the immediate future. The publication was developed as a tool for conceptualising and designing future cosmetic products and their packaging.

Among other things, CB IMPULSE 2022 BEYOND will be presenting four colour worlds conceived from fashion and design trends that are applicable across all sectors. These are based on a lecture by trend researcher and colour expert Niels Holger Wien and are intended as concrete design proposals for the implementation of contemporary themes.

Trending themes in CB IMPULSE 2022 BEYOND can provide you with an inspirational perspective for new product launches in 2022 and beyond.

Get your copy of the limited edition now!

Order CB IMPULSE for the price of €35 in our online ticket shop until 31 December 2021 at the latest.

SPOTLIGHT Innovation Show

The established SPOTLIGHTspecial show featuring selected highlights is part of the INNOVATION CORNER. The focus will be on new products and product developments as well as innovations in ingredients, manufacturing and packaging.

You can use the "INNOVATION ROUTE" filter function in the exhibitor directory to explore all novelties and get inspired in advance by exhibitors' innovations.