Protection and Hygiene Concept

We are pleased that the Bavarian state government allows trade shows for autumn regardless the number of incidences. Our proven "Safe Expo" hygiene concept enables us to provide participants with the best possible protection against the spread of infection, thus allowing us to safely hold CosmeticBusiness 2021.


Admission only for vaccinated, recovered or tested persons. Tested: negative test result (Antigen test not older than 24h, PCR test not older than 48h). Self-tests are not permitted.
contact traceability
All persons entering the exhibition grounds will be fully registered to ensure contact traceability. Tickets are only available in advance and online via the ticket shop.
safety distance
Please maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters throughout all areas of the exhibition grounds. We have planned enough space in all areas to allow for social distancing.
mandatory masks
All persons are currently required to wear a medical mask throughout all indoor areas. In meetings, masks can be taken off if minimum distance can be kept or transparent partitions are provided.

You can find COVID19 test options in Munich here:


constant air exchange
Constant air exchange ensures an increased volume of fresh air in the exhibition halls and conference rooms.
hand sanitiser dispensers
Hand sanitiser dispensers can be found throughout the entrance and exit areas as well as in the washrooms.
sanitary areas
Washrooms, surfaces and equipment are to be cleaned and disinfected continuously.
contactless payment
Contactless payment is possible in several areas. Many of the checkouts are equipped with EC/credit card terminals.
information and checkout counters
Information and checkout counters are fitted with transparent partitions.
medical stations
Medical stations are staffed with qualified medical personnel.
Entry is prohibited
Entry is prohibited for people with a proven SARS-CoV-2 infection and suspected COVID-19. Please stay at home with unspecific symptoms that indicate a SARS-CoV-2 infection.
Specific hygiene concepts apply for catering.



Exhibitors are responsible for hygiene at their stands. We are happy to assist you!

minimum distance
Ensure a minimum distance of 1.5 meters can be maintained by persons at your stand.
protective measures
Incorporate protective measures (transparent partitions) at points where maintaining a minimum distance is not possible.
contact surfaces
Regularly clean contact surfaces such as tabletops, counters and door handles.
hand disinfectant
Make sure there is hand disinfectant available.
stand covers and meeting rooms
Avoid stand coverings and enclosed meeting rooms.
document measures
Document the measures you have taken in a hygiene concept and keep this at your stand. Train your staff accordingly.
hygiene responsible person
Designate a person to be responsible for compliance with hygiene and infection control requirements at the stand.


transparent partitions
Food and beverages must be shielded by transparent partitions and will be issued by service staff.
All takeaway food and drinks must be individually packaged.
tableware issue
Crockery, cutlery, napkins, coffee accessories etc. may only be issued by service staff.
disposable plates and cutlery
Please use disposable plates and cutlery.

You can download the detailed hygiene concept here: hygiene concept (PDF, 860 kB) .

We remain in close contact with the authorities in order to continuously adapt our concept to the respective legal requirements and developments in the pandemic framework. You can rest assured that we will inform you in good time concerning any new requirements.